Friday, 26 April 2013

Exciting News!

Sorry I haven't had a post for a while but I've had things on my mind and this is what my exciting news is!! Yesterday I found out that I am about 2 weeks pregnant.
First of all me and my partner are really happy and so is the family which I am pleased about because since finding out yesterday telling my family was the most nerve wracking experience I have ever had.
 I had a feeling that I might have been pregnant because this month was different from all the rest because I had some distinctive symptoms like not being able to sleep, being too hot in bed, veiny boobs (too much info sorry!), weird cramping, peeing like a race horse and being so so tired all the time. So on my way home yesterday it crossed my mind just to go and buy 2 cheap tests and do them when I got home to see if anything would happen and it did! I had two lines, one was faint but it was there so i did the second, same result so I rushed out to buy a digital one to get a definite pregnant or not pregnant, surely enough it said pregnant.

So I have since been to the doctors and he prescribed me folic acid to take throughout my first trimester so hopefully everything will go fine and I will be doing pregnancy update blogs for you all.

Lovebudgetbeauty + Baby <3

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  1. Congrats!!
    And good luck with everything hun, funnily enough I did one of thesr last week and it said 2-3 and another this week and it said 3+
    looks like we will be having our babies at similar times!!! Me too have not had my mind on blogging a lot and planning to do a similar post too. It's not easy to keep up with the whole pregnancy thing at same time. Good to know someone else going through it at same time too: )