Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May Glossybox

So sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately but I haven't felt up to it the past few weeks but that is a different post altogether. I'm feeling a lot better now so hopefully my blog will start to be more consistent. My May Glossybox arrived last week so I have had some time to try the products out. It was Glossybox's 2nd birthday box so I was hoping the box would be different but it was just the usual pale pink, Inside however had a lovely birthday design on the tissue paper and a neon pink bow.

The First thing I noticed in the box was the extra gift which I love! It is a handy card pouch with 20 mini pull out nail files in. These have already come in handy numerous times this week and it is probably my favourite thing in the box.
Next is a mascara by Jelly Pong Pong, in the past I haven't really been a fan of the Jelly Pong Pong products that I have received but I was pleased to get a mascara to try. The mascara retails at £15 and it is a full size sample which has paid for my box alone. It is an okay mascara but not great, I've tried better ones but I'm still happy to have gotten it.
Next was a lovely nail polish by Headline Colours which retails at £9. I got a beautiful mint colour. It dries really quickly and I would consider buying more of their polishes.
The last 3 products in the box where a shine spray by Awapuhi Wild Ginger, a liquid liner by Collection and a sample of Prime and create mixing medium by Beautiful Movements Cosmetics. The shine spray is full size retailing at £18.95 which has made the Glossybox well worth the money this month. I love shine sprays and this one can also be used as a protectant, it does make your hair really shiny and I'm really pleased with this product. The liquid liner by Collection is one that I have had before and do use regularly. The last product which is the prime and create mixing medium by pussycat doll Kimberly Wyatt's beauty range and is one that I am curious to try, it can be used to create your own liquid makeup whether it be foundation, cream blush or cream eye shadows and more. The sample isn't very big but it will be good to see what it can be used for.
Overall I was very happy with this months box and the total of the box came to £45.94 which made It really good value for money.
Lovebudgetbeauty + Baby <3

Friday, 26 April 2013

Exciting News!

Sorry I haven't had a post for a while but I've had things on my mind and this is what my exciting news is!! Yesterday I found out that I am about 2 weeks pregnant.
First of all me and my partner are really happy and so is the family which I am pleased about because since finding out yesterday telling my family was the most nerve wracking experience I have ever had.
 I had a feeling that I might have been pregnant because this month was different from all the rest because I had some distinctive symptoms like not being able to sleep, being too hot in bed, veiny boobs (too much info sorry!), weird cramping, peeing like a race horse and being so so tired all the time. So on my way home yesterday it crossed my mind just to go and buy 2 cheap tests and do them when I got home to see if anything would happen and it did! I had two lines, one was faint but it was there so i did the second, same result so I rushed out to buy a digital one to get a definite pregnant or not pregnant, surely enough it said pregnant.

So I have since been to the doctors and he prescribed me folic acid to take throughout my first trimester so hopefully everything will go fine and I will be doing pregnancy update blogs for you all.

Lovebudgetbeauty + Baby <3

Thursday, 18 April 2013

April Glossybox

My Glossybox came this morning so I thought I would do a post about it, I think every time I get a Glossybox I will share what I got. I was excited for this box to come because it is the Pearl Lowe edition box. I love the look of this box it is so pretty and is definitely going to replace the ordinary pink one I have on my vanity.
So when I opened my box the first two things that jumped out at me where the Essie polish and the Illamasqua pencil. I don't own either of these brands and I was praying that the polish was "bikini so teeny" and it was! I was over the moon that I got the shade I have oggled in Superdrug for such a long time. I was curious of the Illamasqua pencil because I know it is an expensive brand in my eyes so I was happy to receive something that I would never purchase. The pencil is multipurpose for eyes, lips and brows, I got medium brown which I will be using for my brows.
Next was a perfume by Yves Rocher called So Elixir Purple, I'm not keen on getting perfume samples because usually they are those crappy little samples on a card. This one was so cute because it is a miniature of the full size bottle and it smells really nice (I'm not good at describing scents sorry)
The last two products are a hand cream and a body butter which I am not too fussed about. The hand cream is by Crabtree & Evelyn and is called Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy, it is a nice thick formula and smells nice so it will probably get used and the body butter by Nip+Fab is called Pistachio Sundae. I am not really keen on this fragrance as it is sickly but I'm sure my mam will take it off my hands.
So overall I am happy with my April Glossybox. Even better still I redeemed my glossydots so I got it for free!
Lovebudgetbeauty <3

My Favourite Spring Polishes

This spring I have three favourite nail polishes, I am in love with all the pastel shades this season.

 Two of the polishes are by Nails Inc. They are one of my favourite Polish brands and I love how their polishes are named after places in London. The first one is a neon shade called Portobello which is a neon coral. This one would be lovely for summer also.

 Next by Nails Inc. is a new trend shade called Royal Botanical Gardens and it is the perfect mint shade. It just reminds me of spring and mint is my favourite colour at the moment (if you couldn't tell by my blog) and it reminds me of mint ice cream (maybe because of the sticker on the lid?). This is the most worn of the three, I just love it!!
 Lastly is a Revlon nail enamel called Lilac Pastelle the name is self explanatory its lilac and its pastelle! I think I won this nail polish in a Youtube giveaway by Vinny littlemissstyleguru (you should subscribe to her on youtube she's fab!)
Lovebudgetbeauty <3

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Highlight For Less

Highlighting can make a big difference to your everyday makeup, it can make you look more youthful and glowy. I found a product in my local Poundland which has become one of my everyday staples, it is the Chit Chat Highlighter. The first thing I love about this highlighter is that it is a dupe for the benefit high beam! The packaging is also very very similar to the benefit one. As for the product it is a nice pinky shade so it is not as harsh as a white highlight and you get 12ml which is quite a lot as you don't need to use much. I highly recommend anyone to get this highlight and if it isn't for you well you only paid £1 after all!
Lovebudgetbeauty <3

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Top 3 Palettes Under £10

The 3 palettes I am about to share are just a few of my all time favourites and to make it better they are all under £10! One company that have excelled themselves with their affordable palettes is MUA Makeup Academy which can be found online and in any Superdrug store. Most of their palettes are around £4 with amazing pigmentation and good quality, so no surprise that 2 of the 3 palettes in this post are by MUA!

The first palette by MUA I am going to talk about is their "Undressed" palette (which is also a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 1) comes in the cheapest of my 3 at £4. It has 12 amazing neutral shades ranging from dark to light and matte to shimmer. The pigmentation in this palette is amazing and it enables you to do so many looks whether it be for day or night. The only thing I do not like about their palettes is that the colours don't have names they are just called "shade 1" "Shade 2" etc. but that can be forgiven because the palette is so good!

The next palette is also by MUA and it is their "Immaculate Collection" palette. It is the dearest palette they do at £8 which is amazing value considering you get 24 shades. It has a really good selection of colours ranging from bright and colourful to neutral, it also has mattes and shimmers including a matte black which I love as it is a staple for a classic smokey eye. Again the colours don't have names which is sad because I love it when eye shadows have cute little names! I also forgot to say the MUA palettes also come with little tutorials on the back which I think is a nice touch.
The last of my top 3 is the "Oh So Special" palette by Sleek at £7.99. You can find Sleek in most Superdrug stores and online. The first thing I love about the Sleek palettes is the packaging, they are matte black and very sleek (probably how they got their name!) Inside it has a good sized mirror perfect for on the go and 12 beautiful shades (Which have names yey!). Again mattes and shimmers so you can create a range of looks. This also has the matte black, perfect for smokey eyes! All the colours are very pigmented and I think it should be in every ones collection.
Lovebudgetbeauty <3

Friday, 12 April 2013

Inexpensive Brush Guards

I wanted to share this inexpensive way of keeping your makeup brushes clean and protected. I found this metre of uncut brush guard on eBay for £1 odd free post, I don't have the link to the seller but it was easy to find. The brush guards remind me of those "Chinese finger traps" and it stretches so it will fit any size brush, unfortunately it doesn't fit smaller brushes like eye or concealer brushes as it just slides back off. I have some pictures below of what I did, it's really easy, I just cut it size, slipped it over the handle and slid it up over the brush head.
Lovebudgetbeauty <3

First Impressions On The e.l.f Makeup Brushes

This blog post is going to be about my first impressions on the e.l.f brushes that I purchased recently. I ordered off their website www.eyeslipsface.co.uk which was easy to do as you can use paypal, their delivery for UK standard was reasonable and came quite quickly. The ones that I bought where from their standard range at £1.50 each which is amazing value for makeup brushes. They have a studio line which is a little more expensive but only by a few pounds so still really good value. I got the concealer brush, eye crease brush, blending eye brush, bronzing brush and the fan brush (in order of the picture bellow).


They feel good quality for the price and I really like the white handles which look professional. The two eye brushes shed the littlest amount but that was expected for £1.50, the bronzing brush and fan brush have not shed yet but they did need neatening with a pair of scissors and they aren't the softest of brushes but overall I must say I am happy with them and I think for anyone just starting out with makeup or just someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on makeup brushes these will be perfect for you. Lovebudgetbeauty <3